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The Ada Exchange app aims to bridge the gap between USD and cryptocurrencies by offering a solution that is accessible, cost-effective, and efficient. By enabling financial inclusion and unlocking the potential of digital assets.

We envision a future where anyone, regardless of their financial background, can easily convert their mobile money to ADA and vice versa, maximizing their earning potential and taking advantage of the benefits offered by cryptocurrencies.

Through our platform web/mobile, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters financial independence, innovation, and economic opportunities for individuals in Africa.


Main features of the Ada Exchange App

Exchange from ADA to USD

Users can easily use the Exchange App to convert USD to ADA and vice versa via mobile money.

Users investment

Users can pledge their USD in our account and receive commissions on exchanges made.

Local Exchange

Users in a region can offer their local currency to buy ADA directly from other users.


Why Choose Us?

The Ada Exchange application will revolutionize the use of cryptocurrency in Africa by offering seamless conversions between ADA and local currencies, facilitate local transactions and empower user investors.

100% match with Africa

By bridging the gap between mobile money and cryptocurrencies, we are creating a platform that perfectly aligns with the African market.

Low Transaction Fees and Time Efficiency

We leverage the power of blockchain technology to minimize the costs associated with conversion of ADA into local currencies.

Using Stablecoin (USDT)

YBy using stablecoins, users can manage the potential risks associated with ADA rate instability and ensure a more secure exchange experience.

Problems and Challenges

African face obstacles when it comes to exchanging the ADA they receive into USD for local use, which explains their reluctance to use the ADA currency.

Problem statement

Despite the fact that Africa presents a large market for the ADA currency, the adoption of ADA needs to be widely accepted and above all to offer people the possibility of converting it into their local currency.

  • Difficulty finding a way to exchange ADAs received in USD.
  • Lack of transparent gateway between mobile money and cryptocurrencies Lengthy Transaction Delays.
  • Lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies in Africa.

Difficulty using ADA via Mobile Money

About 66% of sub-Saharan Africa are unbanked and rely on mobile money services for their daily financial transactions. However, the lack of seamless integration between mobile money and crypto limits their ability to fully realize the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Limited exchange availability

Finding a reliable platform to convert cryptocurrencies into local currencies in Africa can be difficult. This scarcity hampers the usability and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

Limited access to financial infrastructure

Difficulty accessing banking services is an opportunity for cryptocurrency adoption, but it also limits users' ability to exchange and use cryptocurrency conveniently, i.e. via Mobile Money.


The Ada Exchange app offers solutions to these problems by providing African users with a user-friendly platform to exchange ADA to USD via Mobile Money.

Exchange ADA to USD via Mobile Money:

Ada Exchange App seamlessly integrates ADA currency with Mobile Money aggregators, allowing users to exchange their ADA to USD.

Low transaction fees and time savings:

By reducing transaction delays and leveraging Blockchain security, transactions can be completed efficiently, improving the UX.


The Ada Exchange app integrates a decentralized finance (DeFi) component, specifically in the Local investors section of the platform.

Using Stablecoin (USDT):

Ability to convert using stablecoins, such as USDT. This approach adds stability to the conversion process.

Tokenomics and Distribution

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the Cardano blockchain.

Sales Information

Token Name DexUp
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 DexUp tokens
Initial Circulating Supply 500,000,000
Tokens Allocated for Ada Exchange App 50,000,000
Hard Cap $10m
Soft Cap $100k
Token Value 1 ADA = ~ DexUp
Accepted Cardano

Tokenomics Stage End In

Raised so far $0
Soft Cap $40k
Hard Cap $500k
Contact Us to Buy Token Minimum Purchase: 200 DexUp

Our Whitepaper

The Ada Exchange App Whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the platform, its objectives, and the underlying technology.


Read the Whitepaper

It highlights the problems Ada Exchange App aims to solve in the African market and presents a detailed solution. The whitepaper outlines the technical architecture, features, and functionality of the platform, along with its market opportunity, roadmap, and tokenomics.

App Screen


We will outline the key components that make our platform function seamlessly,including blockchain integration, mobile money aggregator integration, user interface, and smart contract implementation.


Blockchain Integration

By leveraging Cardano Blockchain, we can guarantee the immutability and integrity of transactions, providing users a reliable, secure and transparent platform.

Mobile Money Aggregator

These aggregators act as intermediaries, connecting the Ada Exchange application with mobile money systems thus facilitating ADA to USD exchanges.

Smart Contract Implementation

We implement smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain to automate and secure various processes of exchanges within the ADA Exchange App platform.

The Ada Exchange App

Our primary objectives

By pursuing these objectives, we aim to have a significant impact on the financial evolution in Africa, fostering economic growth and empowering people with new opportunities for financial prosperity.

  • Provide a user-friendly platform.
  • Offer low transaction fees.
  • Increase revenue generation through ADA commissions.
  • Improve crypto financial inclusion.
  • Promoting Crypto Trust in Africa.


Here is a Roadmap and Development Phases of our project milestones, with the main tasks and activities planned.

2022 Q1 - Q2 Idea conception
  • Conception and validation
  • Research and market analysis
2022 Q3 Initial prototype
  • Development of the initial prototype
  • Initial testing
2022 Q4 Alpha Testing
  • Testnet testing
  • Mobile Money Testing integration
2023 Q1 Beta Testing
  • Pre-production testing
  • Security and performance enhancements
2023 Q2 - Q3 MVP Pre-production
  • Finalizing the product for the MVP Mainnet launch
  • Kenya Mobile Money integration
2023 Q4 Mainnet launch
  • MVP Mainnet launch in Kenya
  • User onboarding and initial marketing efforts
  • Gathering user data and feedback for improvements
2024 Q1 -Q2 Bete-Test Local investors
  • Fine-tuning the platform based on investor feedback
  • Establishing strategic partnerships for further growth
2024 Q3 - Q4 Launch of local investor feature
  • Fine-tuning the platform based on investor feedback
  • Expention in South Africa
2025 Q1 - Q2 Community Benefits
  • Integration of additional features based on user demand
  • Scaling infrastructure to accommodate growing user base
  • Introduction of referral codes
2025 Q3 Local investors Mainnet
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module
  • Expansion to Nigeria and EST-Africa
2025 Q4 Expansion
  • Expansion to additional African countries
  • Continuous improvement, scaling, and exploring new market opportunities

Core Team

Dan Baruka
CEO & Project Lead
Josephine Ndeze
COO & Software Engineer
Kwame Adjei
Sr.Blockchain developer
Yannick Senga
DevOps & Sr.Software Engineer


Here is a list of FAQs grouped by category for your convenience.

What is Ada Exhange App?

Ada Exchange App is a mobile application designed to facilitate the exchange of ADA (Cardano) cryptocurrency into fiat currency, including USD, using Mobile Money services in Africa.

The Ada Exchange App provides seamless integration between Mobile Money aggregators and the Cardano blockchain. Users can convert ADA to USD and vice versa, facilitating access to crypto and exchanging with local currencies.

The Ada Exchange App solves several financial problems in Africa, such as the difficulty of using ADAs via Mobile Money, the limited availability of local currency exchanges and the lack of confidence in crypto. It facilitates access to ADAs, builds confidence in their use and promotes financial inclusion in Africa.

The Ada Exchange App is specifically designed for users in Africa, where the use of Mobile Money is widespread. We plan to initially launch the app in Kenya, with plans to expand to other African countries in the future.

What security measures are in place to protect funds on the Ada Exchange App?

The Ada Exchange application implements robust security measures, such as secure storage of users' private keys, two-factor authentication, encryption of sensitive data, and regular security audits to ensure that customer funds are protected.

The Ada Exchange App collects limited personal information necessary for registration and regulatory compliance. This information is handled under strict privacy policies and are not shared with unauthorized third parties.

The Ada Exchange App uses Cardano blockchain technology, which guarantees the security and transparency of transactions. Additionally, transactions are verified and confirmed using smart contracts, ensuring accurate and transparent execution.

The Ada Exchange App does not share your personal information with unauthorized third parties. The information is treated confidentially and in accordance with our privacy policy.

What are the main features of the Ada Exchange App?

The Ada Exchange App allows users to exchange ADA for fiat currencies via Mobile Money services, view real-time exchange rates, manage their ADA wallet, and receive transaction notifications.

In its initial version, the Ada Exchange App mainly focuses on the function of converting ADA into fiat currencies. However, we plan to add market analysis features and price charts in the future to provide a better user experience.

The Ada Exchange App aims to build strategic partnerships with leading Mobile Money providers in Africa. Initially, we are focusing on integrations with the most popular vendors, while exploring opportunities to expand to cover a wider range of vendors.

Yes, the Ada Exchange App offers a transaction history feature where you can view all your past exchanges.

How can I report a bug or a technical problem on the Ada Exchange App?

If you encounter a bug or technical problem on the Ada Exchange App, please report it to us using the support channels provided. Describe the problem in detail and provide as much information as possible to help us solve the problem quickly.

Yes, our support team will endeavor to keep you informed of the status of your issue and provide you with regular updates until resolved. We understand the importance of clear communication and are committed to providing you with seamless support.

Yes, in addition to English, the Ada Exchange App will endeavor to provide support in other popular languages ​​in the region where it operates. We are committed to ensuring that our users can receive support in their preferred language, thus promoting an optimal user experience.

Nous encourageons activement nos utilisateurs à partager leurs commentaires et leurs suggestions d'amélioration de l'Ada Exchange App. Vous pouvez le faire en utilisant les canaux de support fournis ou en nous contactant par le biais de nos réseaux sociaux officiels. Vos retours sont précieux pour nous aider à améliorer continuellement notre application.

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